Tsunashima SST


Smart Service

To provide both residents and visitors with comfort and convenience based on regional characteristics, Tsunashima SST offers 6 smart services for realization of people-centered sustainable smart living.

Energy Sharing a wide variety of energy wisely all time
  • Energy management for optimal use of diverse energy sources for the entire town (electric power and heat supplied from the Energy Center)
  • Use of the SCIM platform for visualization and monitoring of the entire town’s energy use
  • Active use of hydrogen and other clean new energy sources
  • Advanced systems for generating, storing, and conserving energy at each facility
  • Resource conservation through use of rainwater and water-saving devices (environmental care)
  • Emergency supply of the minimum required amounts of electric power, heat, and water
Town energy center and hydrogen service station
Security Overseeing the town's safety and security
  • Security guards are stationed at a standby location at the town center for regular patrols of the town and a quick response time.
  • All major entrances and exits are monitored by high-performance security cameras
  • Establishment of a clearinghouse for emergency information
  • Crime prevention and disaster preparedness classes are held throughout the town
Realizing town security service