Tsunashima SST


Town Platform

Use of virtual reality technology to support development planning

When different businesses collaborate on town development, the ability to share high-quality images can greatly shorten the time needed to reach a consensus. Virtual reality (VR) systems enable design elements to be easily interchanged, making them very effective as platforms for mixed-use urban development.

VR has been used in every phase of the Tsunashima SST project, from the original concept stage to the actual design diagrams. All drawings, models, and CG images that were previously prepared separately for each phase can now be presented together as 3D data. VR also makes it possible to freely move and view the 3D images from any angle, as if actually walking around the town or looking down on it from above. In addition, multiple options for colors, shapes, heights, sizes, and all other design elements that affect the town’s appearance can be input and easily interchanged for comparison.

VR is being used in each phase of the project

Use of SCIM town operation and management platform

The SCIM (Smart City Information Modeling) platform employs 3D data to reproduce the entire town in detail on a computer, enabling visualization of every aspect of the town. By integrating data on each facility and surrounding area, the platform enables smart operation and comprehensive town management.

As a platform for development throughout every phase of the smart town’s life cycle, SCIM creates 3D models of the entire town. The 3D models and related data are used to reproduce the entire town in virtual space for visualization from any angle. In the future, SCIM will also be an essential platform for providing additional smart services such as for disseminating information and serving as an architectural IoT base.


▼You can see SCIM Smart Service from the link below *The webstie only has Japanese for language option

Images of Smart service utilizing SCIM

Note: SCIM is a registered trademark of Obayashi Corporation, technical advisor to the Tsunashima SST Council.