Tsunashima SST


The Targets for the Town

To make Tsunashima SST a next-generation smart city, numerical targets have been set as the community’s overall goals for the environment, safety, security, and other areas.

■Environmental Targets

  • CO2 emissions:
    Reduced by 40%
  • Water usage:
    Reduced by 30%
  • Use of new energy※1
    More than 30% of total

■Safety Targets

3 days

A community continuity plan (CCP) is a plan for maintaining operations vital to a community until the resumption of normal conditions after a natural disaster or other emergency. It applies the concept of a business continuity plan to a community. As a next-generation smart city in which different facilities create a synergistic effect, Tsunashima SST has established a CCP for optimizing the allocation and use of energy, information, manpower and supplies, by focusing on each facility’s characteristics through a combination of self-support and cooperation.

■Security Targets

Community monitoring
Response time in community
15 minutes※5

■Global environmental certification

Certification target: LEED ND※6

With the goal of serving as a model community for Japan and the world, Tsunashima SST aims to acquire certification under LEED ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development), a global system for evaluating environmental performance. Each individual facility also sets its own environmental targets, such as acquiring LEED Platinum level certification.

  1. *1 Includes renewable energy such as solar power and other types of new energy, and new technologies such as natural gas cogeneration systems and fuel cells, that contribute to energy diversification and increase energy efficiency
  2. *2 Excluding research areas of the technical development center
  3. *3 Tsunashima SST’s CCP target is to maintain essential lifelines for 3 days in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.
  4. *4 Community security will be maintained by 100% camera monitoring of all major entrances and exits.
  5. *5 The target time for responding to a call or alarm; delays may occur due to traffic conditions. and it’s not guaranteed by a security company.
  6. *6 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an environmental certification program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC); the ND (Neighborhood Development)category applies to area development projects.